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Traditional Popup Design

With ONE app you can always customize your pop-up design even further after you’ve selected the theme. Please see below for an overview of all the changes that you can make to the pop-up with reward:

Traditional Popup Design

Reset Design. Resets the overall pop-up design as it was before changes;

Overlay color changes the background space color behind the pop-up and the overlay opacity;

Branding. Shows the ONE/Onestore logo label below the pop-up

Pro Tip: If you want to remove this label just reach out to our Live chat and our customer support team will gladly assist you!

Popup Box. Here you can adjust the background color of the Pop up with Reward layout, color of the close button, add and adjust the border of the wheel and its color/font.
If the “Site Default” option is selected for the font, then the pop-up will use the default font from your site. SEE HERE
There’s also an option to allow auto translation from other apps. When enabled, third-party apps will translate the content in the pop-up. Please note that this may potentially affect the pop-ups layout depending on the translation. SEE HERE

Images. Here you can adjust the background image of the pop-up, it’s position, background color of the image. In addition, you even can set up an image for the background of the mobile version of the pop-up: SEE HERE
Title. Change the size, color, text itself and format of the title text here.

Subtitle. Change the size, color, text itself and format of the title text here.

Pop up Box Placeholder. Change the size, color, text itself, format and the border of the coupon box here. Please note, that depending on the theme you’ve selected this option maybe available or not.

Description. Change the size, color, text itself and format of the description text here.

Inputs. Change the color and size of the text hints in the input field. Also change the text format for each field and field’s background color here.

Error Messages. Defines the color of the text and error notification that appears if some fields are not filled in the form or the information that is filled is incorrect. (Example: SEE HERE)

Submit button. Change the size, color, format of the text on the button here.

Subscription Terms. Change the size, color, text itself and format of the text line “*You are subscribing to receive exclusive offers*” at the bottom of the pop-up, here.

CSS section. I’m pleased to say that our subscription pop-ups design can be adjusted even further by using some css code.

JS section. Like in point 14 we also have a javascript editor, where you can do many adjustments to the pop-up with some knowledge of JS.

Pro tip: If you don’t know any JS and CSS, you are most welcome to reach out to our live chat support or customer success team for help.

Updated on: 18/11/2022

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