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How to Create A/B Tests with Opt-in Pop ups

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a method used to compare two different versions of something (in this case an opt-in pop up) to see which one performs better. Performance for opt-in pop ups is generally measured by looking at the opt-in rate. By continuously running A/B testing on your opt-in pop ups, you can optimize your opt-in rate over time to collect more subscribers faster!

How does A/B Testing work?

A/B testing works by dividing your audience into two separate groups. Group 1 receives one version of your content, while Group 2 receives the second version. The modifications can be small (colors/fonts) or can be large (Spin Wheel vs. Pop up with no reward).

After the two versions are live for some time, you can then compare the results to determine which version performed better.

Why is A/B testing important?

A/B testing is important because it allows you to make data-driven decisions about your marketing efforts instead of relying on "gut feelings" or assumptions. By using actual data, you can prove out which versions are the most effective.

How to conduct A/B testing on ONE with Opt-in Pop ups?

Make sure you have at least two different Pop up Campaigns live that you'd like to test. See image below

Publish At Least 2 Different Pop up Campaigns

Pro Tip: Check out how to setup our Pop ups HERE

Make sure the Display Rules for both campaigns are set to show on the same pages. Individual ONE Pop up campaigns do not stack on top of each other. So if you have multiple campaigns where the display rules are set to show on the same pages, then only one campaign at random will be shown to that user. Learn more about display rules HERE

The traffic is distributed evenly to the different campaigns. So if you have 2 campaigns active on the same pages, then 50% of your traffic will see version A and 50% will see version B.

Display Rules

And that's it! You're done setting up your A/B test! Only thing left to do is monitor the performance of the individual campaigns!

In order to track the performance of the Pop up campaigns that you have set up, you'll need to go to the "Analytics" tab across the top navigation bar.

Track Campaign Performance

Based on the performance of different campaigns, you can continuously tweak the design/properties of each campaign to see what is most effective for you! Please note that on the analytics page, you can select multiple campaigns, but the graphs will aggregate data for similar types of pop ups (i.e. if you have two fortune wheels, it will aggregate the fortune wheel data in the same graph). Therefore, if you're trying to measure the campaign results from two different campaigns, that have the same pop up, we'd recommend you look at the results individually and then compare.

Pro Tip: Reach out to one of our live chat agents to double check your A/B Testing setup or ask any questions!

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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