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Setting Up the Spin Wheel

Creating a New Spin Wheel

Let's create a Campaign for the Spin Wheel! It is a gamification pop-up that provides around a 9.3% Opt In rate on average. The idea is simple - attract visitors with a gamified mechanic to spin the Spin wheel and gain a coupon code. The reward on each slice, as well as the probability of landing on each slice is fully customizable.

To create the Spin Wheel campaign, please go to the Pop ups tab click on “Create Popup”>Name the new pop-up campaign> click Add to Campaign button under the Fortune Wheel image>Select either Quick Setup if you do not want to spend much time on further customizations or Custom Setup to make deeper changes SEE HERE

To add the Spin Wheel to an existing pop-up campaign, please click on the “pencil” icon on the campaign where you want to add the Fortune Wheel>go to Apps step>click Add to Campaign button under the Spin Wheel image. SEE HERE

Now, once the Spin Wheel pop-up was created/added we can move on to adjusting it’s settings. To access the Spin Wheel’s settings, please go to the Pop ups tab and click on any icon under the Spin Wheel: SEE HERE

Step 1: Theme

On this step, you can choose the "base" theme for your popup - but don't worry, it's still fully customizable later! We have one of the largest theme libraries with 1,000+ themes, and we're adding more all the time!

Themes can be searched for:
By using keywords
By using filters

Didn’t find any theme yet? No worries! You can always create a “theme request” - SEE HERE

Step 2: Form

After we selected the theme we can proceed to the next step to set up the form. On this step we can adjust what input fields we want.

To add another input field, please click on Add Input Fields on the right-side panel: SEE HERE
To remove an existing input field, click on the “bin” icon in the top left corner of the field module on the right-side panel: SEE HERE

Please note that by default an email field or a phone number field is required for the Pop-up to function properly
Pro Tip: Want to create a purely informational popup without any input fields? Reach out to our live chat team to help get it customized!

Step 3: Rewards

On this step merchants can define coupon codes for the Wheel. Please note, that this is a necessary step to proceed, otherwise, the pop-up will be shown as broken and the pop-up won’t appear on your site.

Let’s take a closer look on how each slice module looks like on the right-side panel:

Spin Wheel Slice Configuration

Define if you would like to give a Coupon or a Gift Card if a customer lands on the slice.
Attach an existing coupon code here. If you don’t have coupon codes yet, you can import one from your Shopify or create another one within ONE. (Please note that ONE app is tightly synchronized with Shopify, so once you create a coupon code in ONE, no extra steps need it will work on your Shopify store)
Change the line of text shown on the slice here.
Weight means how likely it is that the specific item in the slice will be won. The higher the relative weight, the higher the probability for your customer to land on it.
Win Rate shows how likely this specific item in the slice will be won in comparison to other slices. It is calculated as Weight/(Sum of weights of all items). For example: if you have a weight of 10 for a 15% discount slice, and there are 4 other slices with a gravity of 20 (for a total gravity of 10 + 20 + 20 +20 +20 = 90), then then the probability of a the 15% discount slice hitting is going to be 10/90 = 11%

Also, on the Rewards you can decide how to disperse the reward and whether you want to allow the Wheel to fall on the losing slice.

Spin Wheel Rewards Configuration

When enabled new subscribers may win an empty slice and don’t get the reward. Generally recommended to leave off, so that your customers win, and are more likely to make a purchase
When enabled the coupon code won will be applied automatically at the Checkout.
When enabled the coupon will be sent to the subscribers inbox.

Please note that options 2 and 3 cannot be enabled at the same time. Only one or the other should be enabled.

Step 4: Design

Once we attached all the coupons and made all necessary adjustments on the Rewards step, we can proceed to the next step Design. Here customers can deeply customize the design of how the Fortune Wheel will look like, even if you have chosen one of our many base themes!

To learn more about each of the options that are available, please refer to our Spin Wheel Design Article

Pro Tip: Each popup has multiple screens, so make sure that you're customizing ALL of the screens SEE HERE

Step 5: Triggers

On this step, customers can adjust the pop-up behavior - in other words, settings on this page determine when exactly the pop-up will appear for customers. We have a large array of options to help achieve the exact effect you'd like!

For more details on how each of the triggers operate, please refer to our Opt-in Popups Triggers Article

Generally, we would recommend having the popup appear on the first page your customers are expected to land on, to try an entice them with a deal and also collect subscriber information. This can be made even more effective by enabling the Teaser Trigger.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you update the trigger settings for BOTH desktop and mobile versions of your site. SEE HERE

Step 6: Emails

On this step, you can activate automated messages like: Email Autoresponder, Scheduled Email, Double Opt In. All those will be sent to new customers whenever they subscribe to the popup

Email Autoresponder will be sent once new visitor subscribes. It is a good thing to enable as it allows to send a discount coupon to visitors and say thank you for subscription.
Scheduled Email will be sent automatically to all new subscribers after specified delay as a reminder to redeem the coupon code. If the code was redeemed, this automation won't be sent.
Double Opt In Email automated message that will be ent once new visitor subscribes. Only after the visitor subscribes via the link in this message, they will appear with the “Double Opt In” status CDP>Contacts & Profiles>in the Subscribe events list. Note: This email is only sent if Double Opt-in is enabled for emails on Step 2: Form

Our Email template editor also comes with 1,000+ themes to choose from, and then you can customize those emails completely using our flexible editor! If you need help customizing an email, please reach out to our live chat team, and they'll be happy to help!

Please note that the email auto-responder will only work if you are collecting emails as part of the popup's form

Step 7: SMS

This page looks similar to the Emails but was designed for SMS features:

SMS autoresponder is an SMS automation that will be sent once new visitor subscribes.
Scheduled SMS will be sent automatically to all new subscribers after specified delay

Please note that the SMS auto-responder will only work if you collect phone numbers as part of the popup's form, and have already gone through SMS onboarding

You're Done!

You can go ahead and publish your popup and have it appear on your website! If you have any questions or want a second pair of eyes to look at your popup, reach out to our live chat team!

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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