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Embed Pop Ups into your Shopify as a Form


As a brief reminder, ONE pop ups wait for the merchant's website to finish loading before they appear on the screen (defined by the trigger settings of the pop up itself). ONE pop ups also have the ability to embed themselves into the page to act more as a form as part of the page, instead of a separate overlaid window. Embedded forms have their advantages and disadvantages relative to traditional pop ups, and so there's no "right answer" for which one to use. Try to experiment with both and see which one has a higher conversion rate for your store!

Advantages of Embedded Forms

Less Intrusive: Since the embedded forms will be part of the webpage, there is nothing that it would be obstructing on the page whereas traditional pop ups would obscure part of the page
Contextual Relevance: Embedded forms can be placed directly next to content that might be relevant to the form itself
User Conversion: Embedded forms can't be "closed" the same way traditional pop ups can be, so you may see higher engagement from your user base

Disadvantages of Embedded Forms

Limited Visibility: Embedded forms have less visibility than traditional pop ups, because they can be hidden lower on a page and don't obscure other elements
Reduced Engagement: Traditional pop ups can be configured to interrupt a user's browsing session and therefore ensure that it's being seen and engaged with. No actions are needed with embedded forms.

Step by Step Guide

Change the Pop Up Position to be of type "Embedded"

Setting the Pop Up to be Embedded

Go to your Theme Editor and add a section for where you want your pop up to be embedded

Adding a Section to Shopify Theme

Make sure that the option you select to the app matches with the pop up that you are configuring inside the app (i.e. Select Spin Wheel if you are configuring a Spin Wheel etc.)

Once you have added in the corresponding ONE app block, then copy and paste the Form ID from the ONE app into the Shopify Theme block. Save your changes and you're done!

Adding the Form ID

Common issues

Ensure that your theme is compatible with the ONE app's pop ups. Newer themes should all be compatible, but older themes may not work as expected
Ensure that the pop up is Published and Live on the ONE dashboard. If it is not live, then it will not appear as embedded on the webpage
Ensure that the display rules of the pop up campaign cover the page where you want the pop up to be embedded
Similarly, ensure that there are no other pop up campaigns that are also set to appear on the same page (unless you are A/B testing)

Pro Tip: If you're running into issues, don't hesitate to reach out to our live chat support team!

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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