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Display Rules for Popup Campaigns

Display Rules for Popup Campaigns

In this article we'll review how you can customize your popup campaigns so that they only appear on certain parts of your website, or are only shown to certain customers based on their location or even schedule certain times for the popup to appear.

What counts as a Popup Campaign?

When you navigate to the "Pop Ups" section in your account, you'll see all of the Pop Up campaigns that you have setup. Each Pop Up campaign can consist of multiple individual Pop Ups (i.e. Pop Up with Reward, and Recent Sales Pop etc.). Changing the display rules are for the entire campaign and not the individual campaign. The image below is an example of one Popup Campaign.

Pop Up Campaign Example

What are Display Rules?

When editing the campaign, step 2 will all about display rules. You'll have 3 different options for the rules:
Schedule Rules - Rules on the times and dates you want your pop up campaign to be active
Page Rules - Rules on which specific pages you want your pop up campaign to be active
Country Rules - Rules on which countries should or should not see the popup

Please see image below on how this page will look, and where to find those options:

Display Rule Options

1. How do the schedule Rules work?

The schedule rules dictate the times and dates for when you want the pop up campaign to show. There are four different ways you can define this:
Between - With this setting you have to define a start and end time, and the campaign will only be active between those times
On - With this setting, you define a single day for the campaign to be active
Before - With this setting, you define an end time for the campaign. The campaign will be live on your website until this time passes
After - With this setting, you define a start time for the campaign. The campaign will be live on your website as soon as this time passes.

Given that we have users world wide, you can choose to define the timezones in the timezone of your choosing. Lastly, you can also enable an option for these date/time rules to apply to the customer based on their local timezone from where they're accessing your website.

2. How do the inclusion and Exclusion Rules work?

By default, ONE pop up campaigns are setup to appear on ALL pages of your domain except for the Password page (i.e. if your store hasn't officially launched yet, it shows this page).

The way that the inclusion and exclusion rules work is that you:
First have to define the page or pages where you WANT the campaign to appear
Then, if there are certain pages in the inclusion rules that you want to EXCLUDE, you would define those URLs in the exclusion rules

For example if I wanted my campaign to appear on all pages that have the word "product" in the URL EXCEPT for pages where the URL has "sales" then it would look something like the image below:

Page Rules Example

If there are no inclusion or exclusion rules defined, then your campaign will not appear anywhere.

Pro Tip: If you have your website in multiple languages hosted in different URLs, then you can create multiple campaigns in different languages and have them appear on appropriate URLs

3. How do the country display rules work?

The country rules work very similarly to the page rules, except instead of defining the inclusion and exclusion rules based on the URLs, you define the inclusion and exclusion rules by country. Please note that we use IP addresses to approximate which country people are logging on to your website from. This can ben fooled if your customers are using VPNs, since VPNs allow their users to use IP addresses from around the world.

Pro Tip: If you need any help customizing display rules for your website, please reach out to our live chat team and we'll be happy to help

Updated on: 10/02/2023

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