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Send Emails to Segments in Shopify

Sending Marketing Emails to Specific Segments

In this article, you'll learn the importance of creating customer segments for your email marketing campaigns, and how you can send emails to specific customer segments through ONE.

What is a customer segment?

A customer segment, simply put is a list of customers that are grouped together based on similar attributes. A few examples of this could include:
People who have made a purchase in the past 30 days
People who are located in Switzerland
People who filled out a ONE popup

You can actually also get pretty specific with the types of segments that you're looking for and use combinations of conditions, for example:
People who have filled out a ONE popup, but not yet made a purchase
People located in Switzerland that have spent over $X over their entire relationship with the store
People who are new to the store in the last 30 days and have bought a specific product

As you can imagine, there are lots of ways to slice and dice your customer information. What's important is identifying the segments that are most valuable to you and your business.

Why is segmenting customers useful in email marketing?

In it's simplest essence, segmenting customers allows businesses to personalize their communication with their customers. These targeted messages (based on interests, behaviors, or demographics etc.) can lead to higher engagement, better conversions, and ultimately more successful email marketing campaigns.

Please see below for some key reasons why segmentation is so important in email marketing:

Relevancy - Businesses can tailor their messages to different groups of customers, to make sure that the message is relevant and valuable to the recipient. It might just be easier to send a single mass email to your entire email list, but chances are you are losing out on business because the message may not resonate with a lot of your recipients.

Higher Open Rates - People receiving content are relevant to their interests and needs are more likely to open that content. This is a direct result of improved relevancy.

Increased Engagement - If people are more likely to open your emails, that means they're more likely to read it and engage with it as well. Whether it be clicking on the links, sharing it with their friends, or making purchases on your store!

Customer Insights - By analyzing the customer data that you have, you can identify the groups of customers that are most valuable to your business and ensure that they are getting the preferential attention that they deserve to drive increased value to your business.

How can I email segments through ONE?

We ensure that we are very tightly integrated with Shopify, and so you can create segments right from your Shopify store and then email those segments from our platform. To learn more about creating a customer segment in Shopify SEE HERE.

Once you have saved a customer segment in Shopify, it will automatically appear in your "Send To" Options. Please see image below:

Select Customer Segment

If you have any issues creating or sending to a customer segment, please don't hesitate to reach out to our live chat team!

Pro Tip: Need help figuring out which customer segments are valuable? Set up a VIP call with our success team HERE

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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