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How to Create Coupons

Creating Coupons on the ONE Platform

What are the benefits of offering customers coupons?

Offering coupons to your customers can be very beneficial to your business because, they will generally help increase your conversion volume! More specifically, you can:

Attract New Customers - By offering discounts, you can encourage people who have never shopped with you before to give your merchandise a try!

Increase Sales - Coupons can help increase sales by encouraging customers to make a purchase they may not have made otherwise. For example, a customer may decide to buy more items or a higher priced item to take advantage of a discount

Improve Customer Loyalty - Offering coupons can improve customer loyalty by making customers feel appreciated and valued. By providing discounts to loyal customers, you can create a sense of community and encourage repeat purchases

Clear out Old Inventory - Coupons can be used to clear out old inventory and make room for new products.

Track Marketing Campaigns - The primary way that ONE tracks revenue attribution for different campaigns across the platform is by looking at coupon usage. For example, to see how we track revenue attribution for email campaigns, SEE HERE

How do I create Coupons on ONE?

There are two ways that you can add a coupon to the ONE platform:
Import an existing coupon from your Shopify store
Create an entirely new coupon on that ONE platform that automatically syncs with your Shopify store

Importing an Existing Coupon

The process to import an existing Shopify coupon into the ONE platform is pretty quick! First, select "Rewards" on the navigation bar, and then select coupons, and then "Import Coupon".

Import an Existing Coupon

After that you will get a list of all the coupons that are available for import. Just select the one that you want and go ahead and it will be imported!

Creating a New Coupon

Instead of selecting "Import Coupon", this time select "Create Coupon". It will take you to a new page to define the properties of the coupon, we'll go through each step by step.

Create a title for the coupon. Most of the time, this is only for your reference, but there are certain cases where you may want to surface the title of the coupon to your customers such as in an email template.

Add a Title

Choose between "Unique Code" or "Generic Code"

Unique Code - Whenever a coupon is dispensed through one of our apps (i.e. pop ups, email, SMS etc) then each coupon code that will be generated will be completely unique. You can select a prefix for the code. This means that every single code will all start with the same characters, but they will all end with a random set of characters that will make them unique. You can choose the number of random characters that will appear at the end of the code, but you need to have at least 6 in order to ensure that the codes remain unique over a long period of time.

Additionally, you can also modify the behavior of the coupon so that it is only active for a certain amount of time after it has been generated. For example, if you set the coupon to expire after 3 days, then whenever the coupon is dispensed to customer, it will be valid for 72 hours after they have received the code. More specifically, if you have this coupon attached to an opt-in pop up and someone signs up to receive the code on 5/1, then the code will be valid till 5/4. If they sign up on 5/15, then the code they receive on the 15th will be valid till 5/18.

Unique Coupon Code

Generic Code - This is typically the coupon code that you are used to seeing in Shopify. This means that all users will receive the same code in order to redeem their coupon. Once you have defined what your code is going to be, there are additional options for usage limits that you can define to help control the flow of the coupon.

Limit number of times this discount can be used in total - You can define the number of times that this coupon code can be used. Please keep in mind that this takes into account if the coupon is USED not dispensed.

Limit to one use per customer - This is to ensure that the same customer cannot use the same coupon code across multiple purchases.

Generic Coupon

Lastly, define the Discount rules of the coupon code itself!

There are 4 different Discount Types that you can choose from:
Fixed Amount - Allows your customers to take a static amount off of their cart
Percentage - Allows your customers to take of a percentage of the total price of the cart
Free Shipping - Allows your customers to redeem the coupon for free shipping
Buy X Get Y Free - Define a special offer where a customer has to buy product X to get a specific reward on product Y

Additionally, with all of these discount types, you can further customize the coupon by:
Changing the "Applies to" field, so that the coupon only applies to specific products or to products within specific collections
Changing the minimum requirements so that the coupon will only take effect if the customer meets a minimum spend requirement.

Discount Rules

Once you've defined all of those properties, you're done! All that's left is to start attaching these coupons to our other apps

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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