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Coupons FAQ

Q: Do I need to create the coupon in my Shopify backend for it to work?

A: Not at all! Whenever you create a coupon on the ONE app, what we're really doing is creating that same exact coupon in the backend of your Shopify store. In the end, you're not actually using a different couponing system because everything is still run through the backend of your Shopify store!

Q: How do I make sure that these don't conflict with other coupons I have on my Shopify store?

A: Whenever you create a coupon on the ONE platform, we ensure that we create an entirely new coupon instead of modifying existing coupons. This way, you can be sure that using coupons on the ONE platform will not change any of the existing coupons that you're already using on your store. Simply said, using the ONE app will not break any of your existing coupons on your store.

Q: Why am I seeing so many coupons in my Shopify backend, even though I haven't started sending out the coupon codes yet?

A: Whenever you create a Unique coupon on the ONE platform, our system "pre-generates" several coupons on your store, so that there's no delay whenever it needs to get dispensed through emails/SMS/pop ups. This is because Shopify limits the amount of coupons that can be created on a real time basis. So in order to avoid any service interruptions where your customers can't get a coupon generated in real-time, we pre-generate the coupons that need to get dispensed and then adjust the properties before dispensing them to your customers.

In short, if you see a lot of coupons in your Shopify store's backend after creating a unique coupon on our platform, it is not a cause for concern because it is the expected behavior.

Note: Please don't delete any pre-generated coupons from our system in your Shopify backend, otherwise that causes the link between our coupon generator and your store to break down

Q: I archived the coupon on ONE, does that mean it's no longer active on my store?

A: If you archive a coupon on the ONE platform, that does NOT deactivate the coupon(s) on your Shopify store. Ultimately, the "source of truth" for your active coupons are in the backend of your Shopify store. If you archive a coupon on the ONE platform, that does not deactivate the coupons in your Shopify store.

Q: Can my customers use more than one coupon at a time?

A: We would recommend reading THIS ARTICLE about being able to use multiple discounts at a time. While ONE can help create a distribute coupons to your customers, the redemption of those coupons is still entirely controlled by Shopify.

Q: Can I create coupons that combine discounts on ONE?

A. Not yet, but that's something that we're working towards in the future! When Shopify had initially rolled out that feature, it was not available to all merchants, which made its implementation a little challenging. If you'd like to be informed of when that feature will be released, please VOTE HERE.

Q: Why can't I edit my coupon in ONE?

A: Once a coupon has been created in our system, we don't allow modifying the coupon in our system because it starts to confound the historical record for that coupon, making it difficult to interpret results of that coupon over the long term. We'd recommend creating a separate coupon for each and every campaign, that way you can really start to make data driven decisions about what is optimal for your business. Please note that there are some fields that you're able to edit:
Coupon Title
Coupon Prefix (if using unique coupons)
Coupon Length (if using unique coupons)

Pro Tip: Still have questions that aren't answered here? Reach out to our live chat team for more help!

Updated on: 10/04/2023

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