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One Click Upsell

One-Click Upsell

How It Works:

Upsell Funnel: Checkout Page > ONE Upsell Page > Thank You Page
After a customer pays for an order on the Checkout Page, they will immediately be presented with an upsell offer designed by you
Customer can accept the offer with just ONE click to add it to their initial order. No need to re-enter payment information
When they accept or decline the offer, they will be brought to the Thank You Page (i.e. order confirmation page)

What Are The Benefits of One-Click Upsell?

One-Click Upsell is an easy way for merchants to INCREASE their average order value (AOV)
Generate more revenue from the same traffic
Non-intrusive since it only appears AFTER the customer has already made a purchase
Recommend complementary products for your customers

CLICK HERE for a One Click Upsell Tutorial Video

Getting Started with One-Click Upsell on ONE

1. Select ONE as Your Primary Post-Purchase App

Go to your Shopify Settings --> Checkout --> Post Purchase Page
If you don't have ONE selected as the primary post-purchase app, then you will see an error message on the Upsell Dashboard.
Update Settings Alert

Pro Tip: Clicking on the 'Update Settings' button will take you directly to where you need to change the settings.

2. Create an upsell campaign

In the first step:
Name your campaign (don't worry, your customers won't see this)
Choose the Trigger Product(s) (i.e. if your customer purchases this product, they will see an upsell offer)
Select the Upsell Product (i.e. this is the product your customer will see in the upsell offer)

Defining the Offer - Select Trigger and Upsell Product

There two additional optional steps on this page, see below:
Enable this option, if you do NOT want to show the Upsell offer if they already have bought that product
Enable this option if you want to apply a discount to the Upsell offer (this only applies to the upsold product, not the whole cart)

Additional Options

Pro Tip: Adding a discount to your Upsell product helps increase your conversion rate.

3. Customizing the Design

Customizing the Upsell Design

System Generated Text - Use this to change the language on the entire page to match your store
Callout Banner - Use this to customize the text at the top of the page
Countdown Timer - Use this to enable a countdown timer to provide a sense of urgency
Product Image - We automatically pull in your product image from your store, toggle this option if you want to showcase more pictures of your product
Product Title - We automatically pull in the title of your product. Shopify does NOT allow editing this title.
Product Price - If you have enabled a discount on the offer, use this option to show a before and after of the price
Product Description - We automatically pull in your product description from your Shopify store. Use this option if you'd like to override the description
Product Quantity Selector - Use this option if you want to require your customers to select a minimum number of items on the upsell offer
Product Shipping - Typically the upsold item is added to the rest of the cart with no incremental fee in Shipping. Use this option to override that setting.
One-Click Checkout Buttons - Use this option to toggle the text fields on the Pay Now/Decline button. Options are limited to comply with Shopify policy.

Pro Tip: The countdown timer is a great way to induce FOMO and encourage customers to make a purchase

4. A/B Testing Multiple Products with the Same Trigger Product

While it's currently only possible to show one product at a time on the upsell page, merchants can setup A/B tests so that for the same trigger product, merchants can run randomized A/B tests for different upsell products to see which combinations generate the most incremental revenue.

Design Stage

Click on the three dots to open up additional options, and then select "Create Variation". For the same trigger product, merchants can create as many variations as they'd like.
Once you have created another variation, you can manually adjust how often you would like to show one upsell product vs. others by adjusting the weight of each variation. The higher the relative weight, the more often the upsell will show
Track and monitor the performance of each of the variations individually

Pro Tip: Keep experimenting with different combinations and discounts to see what is the highest converting combinations for your store

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have hundreds/thousands of products, do I need to manually set up upsell campaigns for each product?
Right now, we don’t have a way to automatically generate upsells for all your products at once, but this is just our first go at One-Click Upsell and we’re just getting started! In the future, we’re planning on releasing a feature that will use AI to automatically recommend upsell products to your customers based on your store's order history.
In the meantime, we suggest identifying a high-volume product in your store that has a good chance of being upsold, and then setting the Upsell trigger to “All Products”. This way you can get a glimpse of what the impact of upsell in your store could look like!

2. Can show multiple products to be upsold?
No, currently our Upsell feature can only show one product to be upsold at a time. We are working on building out a feature set that will enable multiple products to be upsold at one time.

3. What does "Priority" mean on the dashboard?
Setting the priority of a particular upsell, helps the system determine which product should be shown based on customer purchases. Let's say a merchant has setup two different upsells, one for a shirt and one for a pair of shoes. If a customer has both the shirt and shoes in their cart, the priority will determine which upsell offer to show them, based on its rank. Priority 1 will be shown first (when applicable).

Pro tip: if you make your lowest priority Upsell "All Products", then you can make sure an Upsell is shown on every single order

Shopify Limitations on One-Click Upsell

Please note there are some limitations for One-Click Upsell. See Shopify's developer documentation for full details. The main ones are listed below:

One-Click Upsell will not be shown if:
customer checks out with an installment or wallet service (i.e. Klarna, Affirm, AfterPay, Apple/Amazon/Google Pay)
customer uses a gift card or anything besides a credit card for the initial purchase
the order has duties or multiple currencies
the order is for local delivery

Payment Methods that ARE supported are:
Shopify Payments
Shop Pay
PayPal Express (Only if Automatic Billing is enabled)

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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