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How does the Priority work in the One Click Upsell?

What is the Priority Column in the One Click Upsell Feature Mean?

Currently, the One Click Upsell feature can only show one product (and its variants) as a special offer. So as a merchant creates multiple Upsell offers, the question becomes, which Upsell offer is shown to the customer?

This is where the priority column comes in!

Priority within Upsell

The priority column helps determine the order of operations for which Upsell offer is shown to your customer

Let's walk through a few scenarios:
Scenario A: Patricia ONLY buys some Home Made Tortilla Chips
Scenario B: Trish ONLY buys some Bread
Scenario C: Kate buys BOTH Home Made Tortilla Chips AND Bread

In Scenarios A and B, it's pretty easy to understand which Upsell offers will be shown, because the customers are only buying one product. But in Scenario C, Kate has bought products that could potentially trigger two different Upsells!

So since Kate's order can trigger two different Upsells, the priority of the different offers come into play! Since the Home Made Tortilla Chips trigger is placed at a higher priority rank than the Bread, Kate will be shown one of the Salsa Upsell offers, instead of the Cheese Upsell offer.

This is a fairly simple example, but as you start to add more combinations and SKUs, it can start to get more complex! Ideally, you want to have your best upsell offers at the top priority, and work your way down the list.

Pro Tip: Set your lowest priority Upsell offer to trigger on ALL products. That way, all of your customers will at least SEE an Upsell offer, giving you more chances to maximize your revenue!

Updated on: 04/11/2022

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