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Install the ONE Custom Script to show Pop ups and Social Proof on Custom Pages


In order for our Opt-in Popups and Social Proof to appear on specific webpages, our custom script needs to be installed on the page. By default, when installing our app on platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce, we propagate the script across ALL pages on your domain.

However, this is limited to ONLY pages on your domain. You may have pages as part of your website that are hosted on other domains, in which case our script will not be loaded on those pages.

In order to have the popup appear on those other pages, we can manually include the script on those other pages. This will ensure that the popups will appear on those customer pages as well. In order to access the script and install on other webpages, please see below.

Finding and Installing the Custom Script

This is an example of a pop up on a Shopify store below.

Step 1. Install and Copy the Pixel code from this link

Step 2. Paste it into the webpages where you want the pop up to appear.

Step 3: This pixel will extend the ability from your Shopify store to ONLY the pages where this pixel is installed as shown below.

Pro Tip: Please feel free to reach out to our Live chat support team if you need any help!

Updated on: 02/11/2022

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